Since 2012

New comfortable hotel "Leotel" located in the elite central and historic area of ​​the city, near to the central street – Copernica street, which is one of the centers of art and culture of the city.

Artistic and historical value of architecture on the Copernica street, which issure to appreciate, represent : 5 palaces - Potocki Palace, Palace of Fine Arts, Palace Lozynsky (Art Gallery), the palace Bielskis (home teacher), the palace Sapih (Society for Protection of Monuments), and Museum - Art Gallery, Museum "Mermaids Dnistrova", Museum of Technology at the old depot, the Museum of banking technology in the National Bank and many other museums and monuments.

Distance from the hotel "Leotel" from :

  • Lviv International airport "Lviv" - 5.3 km - Lviv, Lyubinska st.168 ( )
  • Lviv Railway Station - 2.3 km - Lviv, Dvirtseva sq.1 ( );
  • Bus station "Lviv" - 5.5 km - Lviv, Stryjski st.109 ( ) ;
  • Bus station 2 ( as well as in Kiev) - 5.6 km - Lviv. Khmelnitskogo st. 225 ( )


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